November 18, 2011

Hair Bunnies

I love finding new things.

Last weekend I was playing host to a few friends I met on my European Tour in June/July of this year (it's amazing how quick strangers become close friends). Anyways to show off my neighbourhood I took them to a few of my favourite places here in Brisbane. In particular the West End Markets. There's so much to see and find here but I particularly fell in love with one stall - Bunny Hornet. They make vintage styled accessories that brighten up your day. Who knew bobby pins could be whimsical yet versatile, but I couldn't say no to a cute little head piece (my collection of headbands is growing quite rapidly now). The detail was amazing - brass filigree base with a rich rose centre.

If you can't make the West End Markets in Brisbane (every Saturday morning) to check out the stall personally you can easily head over to their online store on Etsy.
I'll be back again soon to choose some boppy pins. Will you?

how cute is their business card!
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  1. So sweet. x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  2. these hair pieces are so cute and unique, i love original pieces like these!



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