May 28, 2012

The River City

South Bank. Brisbane
With my impending move to London I have been making the most of the time I have left here in Brisbane. This beautiful, relatively young city has been my home for the last 8 years. I have a lot to be thankful: I grew here, I found lifelong friends here, I became me. Sadly I have taken her for granted; expecting that I would have endless time to explore all of her wonders and secrets. But never fear I will be back, eventually, but for now I have bigger fish to fry: Europe! In the mean time I'll miss the art, the theatre, the cafes and restaurants.  The simple life of the river city.
all photos were taken by me on my Olympus PEN Lite EPL-2

May 20, 2012

Coco & Marie

Chanel Resort 2013
Karl Lagerfeld has done it again! In the beautiful surroundings of Versailles, Mr Lagerfeld himself has refreshed our love affair of Parisian beauty from the Antoinette era, with a twist: punk rock youth with a slice of Sofia Coppola. This collection feels so familiar, as in you still feel the core values of Chanel: femininity, strength, and attention to detail. But you also get a dose of fun, modernity and edge. Chanel successfully fuses old and new to the point where the line of indifference is no longer relevant. In fact the rules are simply thrown out. Platform sneakers worn with delicate sun dresses. French footman hairstyles with a splash of funky pastel colouring through the edgy bob. The make-up worn by the models is so hypnotising that you get lost in the baby pink hues. I just want to hop on a plane to France and munch on macaroons and cake. Oui?

May 9, 2012

The Met Gala

Camilla Belle
Each year the Metropolitan Museum hosts the annual Costume Institute Gala (aka The Met Ball); hosted by Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. The red carpet evening where celebrities arrive dressed to impress is described as the fashion industry's "Night of Nights". I always get excited when the press pictures get released; going gaga over each red carpet look. However, this year there was an absolute knock out: Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren. She looked so serene, like right out of an elegant 1920s silent film. The perfect balance of skin, glamour, class and mystery {thanks to those luscious dark lips}. It's hard to fault Ms Belle. 

image source

image source

image source

image source

 Which look was your favourite?

May 6, 2012

The Green Thumb

Flowers In Bloom
For the last nine months my mother and I have been in gardening mode. I recently had my small courtyard re-landscaped so keeping the plants alive and thriving has been a challenge. I'm no green thumb but thankfully my mother is a horticulturist, landscaper, and plant whisperer in disguise. Talk about wonder woman! We spent our whole Sunday afternoon plant positioning, replanting, and weeding. Well, to be honest, mum did. I learnt that I was great at supervising and daydreaming about what this will all look like in spring.

Here's a sneak peak {have you noticed how beautiful the colours blend together in flowers? I'm not surprised to see so many floral prints in both today's streetstyle and runway trends}

all photos were taken by me on an Olympus PEN Lite EPL-2

May 3, 2012

Anna Dello Russo

Accessories Collection for H&M
Say what?? 
Yep you heard me! I checked my emails today and found this piece of wonderful news! Anna Dello Russo (ADR) is partnering up with high street label H&M. Her loveable personality, her daring flare, her over-the-top sense of style will be available to H&M customers in the form of jewellery, sunglasses, shoes and bags. What more could a fashionable girl ask for. You will be able get your own piece of ADR glamour in your pretty little fingers from October 4, 2012 (marking that one in my calendar). 
Head over to the H&M website to read up on the press release announced today or follow her blog:

image source: H&M News
image source: H&M News

May 1, 2012

John and Ginger

The Family Home
While I was in Sydney last month I visited my cousin Tanya Mahoney's quaint little store, John & Ginger, found in Freshwater minutes away from Manly. Her home wares store (named after her two adorable children) is unique because it's styled in the sense that you walk into a very stylish home. A fresh change from simply stocking goods on a shelf that we see in countless home ware stores of late. It allows the buyer to imagine how each piece can be styled in their own home. Well that's how I feel each time I visit. I only wish my home was big enough to house everything she sold. {One day I'll upgrade from my two bedroom apartment to a four bedder; which she's kindly promised to give me a hand in styling, thanks couz} 

Did I mention Tanya's an interior decorator; with over 10 years experience; taking in inspiration from her travels around the globe; who's also an absolute sweet heart. I've admired her (and her sister Jackie) since I was a very young impressionable girl. I sound bias but I'll let the pictures I took speak for themselves. If you ever are in the neighbourhood do pop in; it's a destination in itself. 

all photos were taken by me on an Olympus PEN Lite EPL-2


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