October 25, 2012

Cotswolds & Shakespeare

Yep another photo diary of my recent weekend day trip to the Cotswold and Stratford-on-Avon regions just outside of London, UK. Being surrounded by city streets and buildings and bustling cars sometimes makes one yearn for the peace and quite of the countryside, and oh what a countryside UK has to offer. For this day trip a few friends and I hopped on a bus and visited the cottage villages of Cotswold, as well as stopping by the town where William Shakespeare himself called home. What a life. 

Photographer: EllynSheyr
Location: Cotswold UK & Stratford-on-Avon UK

October 21, 2012

The Pretty Side of Oktoberfest

I recently got back from Munich for Oktoberfest with some friends and found the city more than just a cheery beer guzzling city. Ah so much love for Munich. We found that the best way to see the city was on bike so definitely check out Mike's Bike Tours.

Photographer: EllynSheyr
Location: Munich, Germany

October 7, 2012

Vintage at Brick Lane

Quick shopping post. I explored the Brick Lane Markets today with my friend Nat; as a pick me up for just missing out on Glastonbury tickets this morning. Wah :( Anyways this was my first trip {Sunday's are the best days} and came out with these two beautiful vintage one of a kind pieces: a light sweater that could almost be pulled off as a summery top depending on the weather, and a delicate gold necklace. Total cost of 15 quid! Can you believe it! I just love the markets. Can't wait to wear these! You may have noticed that my colour obsession with berry red wine and gold continues {as per my last post} so shouldn't be too hard to match these with the rest of my wardrobe. hehe 

Photographer: EllynSheyr
Location: Brick Lane Markets, London

October 5, 2012

Fashion Week...Lace

The four major fashion shows have now come to an end (NY, London, Milan, Paris). *Sigh* It's bitter sweet really: 1) it's over, but 2) the anticipation of the new collections to arrive for the consumer masses re-invigorates the fashion soul {not to mention the next rounds of fashion week soon to come in the next few months}. Yippee!
I've seen countless designs and trends emerging and re-emerging from all four fashion cities for the Spring Summer 2013 season: bold graphic print, colour, structure, romance. But I think my ultimate favourite would have to be lace. An old favourite I know, but this time round we see the lace essence dominating the outfit as a whole, rather than being used as a subtle trimming. Time to shine! Whoop Whoop.

Giambattista Valli Spring Summer 2013

Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2013

Oscar De La Renta Spring Summer 2013

Valentino Spring Summer 2013

Valentino Spring Summer 2013

Image Source: IFB Pinterest Board

October 3, 2012

Launch...ADR for H&M

"You need a fashion shower" - AdR

The anticipated launch of Anna Della Russo's accessories collection for H&M is upon us! 
Who's excited? I'm excited! Eeeeeek! Que in high pitch squeals and hysterical consumers. haha
You can view the collection here.

Image Source: H&M

October 1, 2012

Lisbon - I'm Coming Home

A few weeks ago my friend and I visited Lisbon, our last leg of our Spanish/Portuguese tour. Lisbon was our city of choice for Portugal. Not only is Lisbon the capital of Portugal, but it is also one of the oldest cities in all of Europe, predating London, Paris and Rome by hundreds of years! No wonder it is a city rich in history and culture. My mother also mentioned that our ancestral heritage is Portuguese! Another reason why this country is smack bang amazing. Apparently my people {haha my ancestors} were Portuguese sailors and merchants who sailed around the world on Spanish ships, finally settling in the Philippines. For me it was like my coming home; it also explains why I have this deep desire to explore. 

The locals were so welcoming and helpful, especially for one who wasn't familiar with the Portuguese tongue. Surprisingly many spoke better English than their Spanish neighbours. The custard tarts were to die for, most definitely worth lining up for them, especially when they are sold at the most reasonable of prices {a Euro}. Best eaten fresh from the oven with an espresso and a sachet of sugar, that's how the locals like it. World class since 1837. 

We also visited the neighbouring small towns; Sintra, Estoril, Cascais for a taste of romantic castles, historic ruins, cool water, hot sandy beaches, and beautiful sunsets at the most western point of Europe. Certainly a great way to end our 10 day tour. I'll be back again Portugal. 

Photographer: EllynSheyr
Location: Lisbon, Portugal


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