March 31, 2013

Note To Self

Photographer: EllynSheyr
Location: London, UK

March 12, 2013

Two In One

OMG! I am not usually a sucker for those in between youtube video advertisements, but I saw a quick makeup demonstration ad for Lancome's new beauty product: Teint Visionnaire - a two in one colour matched foundation AND concealer. About time! In fact it's a three in one as the inside of the lid of the concealer is a trusty mirror. Finally...multitasking at it's best. And we women know all about multitasking - we invented it. {Happy International Women's Day btw}. Of course I went out and bought one and even had a lovely British make up assistant do me all up. I've been using it for the last few days {as I had run out of my last stock pile} and boy it's light. It still allows your skin to breathe, plus upon closer inspection it also happens to have SPF 20 - you've become a four in one my trusty stick of magic. ha ha. Thank you Lancome

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March 9, 2013

Grey In A Sea of Coral

As per my last post highlighting the fact that spring is poking her beautiful head around the corner; all I can think of is what is yet to come...blooms of fresh colour. All the pretty flowers in either its soft or rich shades. My current musings: blush, tangerine and a grey coat - a delicate mixture of warmth - both from the lingering cool air, and the  touch of the suns rays on one's cheek {wearing your grey coat as a cape is optional but #trending ha ha}.

Expect more outfit inspirations to come as I get giddy {like a school girl} eagerly watching the temperature gauge slowly reach double digits! 

Grey in a Sea of Coral

Grey in a Sea of Coral via

March 6, 2013

Spring Is In Bloom

As I walked home today from work I looked up and still saw sunshine. Oh yes, spring is slowly creeping up on us. It even reached 15 degrees here in London town. Me thinks it's time to plan those vacations involving sun, surf and sand. Hmmm Croatia...I think yes! In the mean time the sun and pending floral blooms had me dreaming of my spring/summer wardrobe. Insert outfit post inspiration here:

Spring Fever

Spring Fever via

March 3, 2013

Revisiting Paris

I found a couple of photographs I took while I was visiting Paris during the weekend of New Years Eve. Despite me being robbed on the train, I still hold Paris close to my heart. I hope you can see why.

Photographer: EllynSheyr
Location: Paris, France


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