April 14, 2014

Birthday Treat

Shout out to all my friends & family who made this year's birthday so special. This year I was lucky (and organised) enough to host my party at The Vista roof top bar overlooking Trafalgar Square. The view simply took my breath away. I certainly felt like a Disney princess... I even looked the part {insert tulle skirt}.

Photographer: EllynSheyr
Location: Trafalgar Square, London UK

March 31, 2014

Note To Self

some days i miss my car...

March 4, 2014

Photo Diary: Iceland

YES!!! Country number 25 has just been crossed off the list. Getting closer and closer to the goal....30 by 30. With only two years left until my 30th birthday, the deadline, I just can't wait where my passport takes me next!

Here's a few photos I took while I was in Iceland for a weekend with a few hilariously crazy friends. We chased the northern lights, froze our butts off in the Icelandic snowy mountains, gushed over vengeful waterfalls and geysers, and relaxed in thermal baths. Such is life x

Photographer: Ellyn Sheyr
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland


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