August 24, 2012

Portobello Markets

As many of us are well aware of London is very famous for its numerous markets. One is the Portobello Markets on Portobello Road (near Notting Hill Gate Tube Station). You know the one made famous by the romantic film Notting Hill. Though sadly I didn't have time to hunt for the famous blue door where Hugh Grant's character won over Julia Roberts (next hunting trip for sure). Well these markets was impressive; most definitely see why it's the world's best. From vintage clothing, jewellery, antique collector's pieces, food, music and so on you certainly could go insane here; in a good way. Certainly the spot in London where you'll find me at least once a month rummaging through the stalls wondering what I can find. My heart skipped a beat when I saw a stall solely dedicated to vintage cameras. Eek however will I take these back to Australia when my visa expires. Future me will work those details out. haha. Random interesting fact: the area of Portobello was originally a farm. 

Photographer: Me
Location: Portobello Road Markets, London UK

August 22, 2012

Operation Flat Hunting

Now that I have arrived in London I now enter phase Operation Flat Hunting. I've been very lucky to have great friends here providing me with temporary housing while I am currently homeless and living out of a suitcase, but there's so much you can handle while living this lifestyle. I miss hanging up my clothes and various nesting habits. Therefore flat hunting is on the agenda (as well as job hunting). The first thing is to pick the right suburb; and I think I have found that in Putney. With accessibility to public transport (buses and trains; both underground and overground) and a great selection of high street pubs and stores (including Pound Land) I think I'm quite ready to settle in Putney. Now just need to find that right apartment with Victorian features for me a two mates. 

Location: Putney, London UK

August 20, 2012

Birmingham Surprise

When my friend Olivia (a Kiwi now calling London her home) suggested I visit Birmingham with her for the day I jumped for the chance. I had never heard of Birmingham but the original Cadbury Chocolate Factory called this city home, so being a choc lover I didn't hesitate the visit. Other friends calling London their new home rolled their eyes when I announced my pending day trip, generally asking the one word question "Why?" I was now apprehensive for the visit, which was definitely not warranted when I arrived. I had such a great day; visiting the chocolate factory & stumbling across their town hall. A monolithic roman building. 

Photographer: Me
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

August 19, 2012

New Shoes

I simply couldn't help myself (plus they were on sale!)
Shoes: Aldo Cream High Heels

Photographer: Me
Location: Oxford Circus High Street, London, United Kingdom

August 18, 2012

Westminster Abbey

Do you ever get that feeling that you're standing amongst greatness? 
Well that's exactly how I felt when I crossed off a childhood bucket list item when I visited the inside of Westminster Abbey. Being completely obsessed and in awe with the royal family dating back to the ages I couldn't stop pinching myself when I was standing at the foot of the tomb for Queen Elizabeth I. Then to top it off the gentle whispers of Jeremy Irons voice runs down my ear to the depths of my soul as he kindly gives historical enthusiasts, such as myself, a history lesson through each monument and section of the the abbey. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any photographs inside the Abbey itself but those memories, those intricate details of heavenly beauty will be with me for years to come.

Photographer: Me
Location: Westminster Abbey, London, United Kingdom

August 7, 2012

London Calling

I have finally arrived! London baby! 
One year a ago I was here for a few days on holiday. London captured my heart instantly and I felt a sweet sorrow when boarding the plane back to Australia. However now I am here back again but with a two year visa in hand, a grin from ear to ear, and the enthusiasm of a young child experience their first birthday or christmas. Eeek!! My dream of travelling the world and capturing those majestic moments all around us are slowly coming to fruition. 

Photographer: Me
Location: Big Ben Tower, London, United Kingdom

August 2, 2012


What can I say about this glorious city?
Simply first class. Once you step off the plane you are mystified by her sophistication and her architectural beauty. Not just from the buildings that surround you but the flora and fauna. This city certainly knows how to mix old with the new; industrial with the natural world. The National Orchid Garden, Singapore Zoo and Sentosa Island are just a taste of the wonders that Singapore offers. Simply breath taking. 
Below are just a few (of many) photographs I took over the one week holiday while visiting my friend Christilene. One week was not enough, so a future trip is mentally being planned in the not so distant future. 

Photographer: Me
Location: Singapore, Singapore


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