August 24, 2012

Portobello Markets

As many of us are well aware of London is very famous for its numerous markets. One is the Portobello Markets on Portobello Road (near Notting Hill Gate Tube Station). You know the one made famous by the romantic film Notting Hill. Though sadly I didn't have time to hunt for the famous blue door where Hugh Grant's character won over Julia Roberts (next hunting trip for sure). Well these markets was impressive; most definitely see why it's the world's best. From vintage clothing, jewellery, antique collector's pieces, food, music and so on you certainly could go insane here; in a good way. Certainly the spot in London where you'll find me at least once a month rummaging through the stalls wondering what I can find. My heart skipped a beat when I saw a stall solely dedicated to vintage cameras. Eek however will I take these back to Australia when my visa expires. Future me will work those details out. haha. Random interesting fact: the area of Portobello was originally a farm. 

Photographer: Me
Location: Portobello Road Markets, London UK

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