March 12, 2013

Two In One

OMG! I am not usually a sucker for those in between youtube video advertisements, but I saw a quick makeup demonstration ad for Lancome's new beauty product: Teint Visionnaire - a two in one colour matched foundation AND concealer. About time! In fact it's a three in one as the inside of the lid of the concealer is a trusty mirror. Finally...multitasking at it's best. And we women know all about multitasking - we invented it. {Happy International Women's Day btw}. Of course I went out and bought one and even had a lovely British make up assistant do me all up. I've been using it for the last few days {as I had run out of my last stock pile} and boy it's light. It still allows your skin to breathe, plus upon closer inspection it also happens to have SPF 20 - you've become a four in one my trusty stick of magic. ha ha. Thank you Lancome

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