May 1, 2012

John and Ginger

The Family Home
While I was in Sydney last month I visited my cousin Tanya Mahoney's quaint little store, John & Ginger, found in Freshwater minutes away from Manly. Her home wares store (named after her two adorable children) is unique because it's styled in the sense that you walk into a very stylish home. A fresh change from simply stocking goods on a shelf that we see in countless home ware stores of late. It allows the buyer to imagine how each piece can be styled in their own home. Well that's how I feel each time I visit. I only wish my home was big enough to house everything she sold. {One day I'll upgrade from my two bedroom apartment to a four bedder; which she's kindly promised to give me a hand in styling, thanks couz} 

Did I mention Tanya's an interior decorator; with over 10 years experience; taking in inspiration from her travels around the globe; who's also an absolute sweet heart. I've admired her (and her sister Jackie) since I was a very young impressionable girl. I sound bias but I'll let the pictures I took speak for themselves. If you ever are in the neighbourhood do pop in; it's a destination in itself. 

all photos were taken by me on an Olympus PEN Lite EPL-2

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