May 20, 2012

Coco & Marie

Chanel Resort 2013
Karl Lagerfeld has done it again! In the beautiful surroundings of Versailles, Mr Lagerfeld himself has refreshed our love affair of Parisian beauty from the Antoinette era, with a twist: punk rock youth with a slice of Sofia Coppola. This collection feels so familiar, as in you still feel the core values of Chanel: femininity, strength, and attention to detail. But you also get a dose of fun, modernity and edge. Chanel successfully fuses old and new to the point where the line of indifference is no longer relevant. In fact the rules are simply thrown out. Platform sneakers worn with delicate sun dresses. French footman hairstyles with a splash of funky pastel colouring through the edgy bob. The make-up worn by the models is so hypnotising that you get lost in the baby pink hues. I just want to hop on a plane to France and munch on macaroons and cake. Oui?

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