January 21, 2012

a day in the life of...

The Style Hunter

Hello my fellow day dream believers. I'd like to introduce to you the wonderful duo Philippa & Chiara; style hunters from online retailer boticca.com.

Boticca is the place to find the most unique jewellery and accessory pieces from all over the world, created by emerging, talented and independent designers. Boticca's slogan "I'd rather wear a unique story" holds true to their core values by supporting up and coming designers who often get overshadowed by the big brands.

Philippa & Chiara

I've always been curious to what a day holds for someone in the fashion industry. In a nutshell what does your day or week consist of? And how did you break into the industry?
Philippa: During the week, our main focus is sourcing for the most unique and talented designers of fashion accessories from all parts of the world. This allows us on a weekly basis to visit exhibitions, trade shows and concept stores to keep an eye on any emerging talents or trends. Each week we meet or set up conference calls with a variety of designers spanning across many different specialisms within the creative industries. We explore their history, unique stories and exciting processes in which they use to create their stunning accessories. Travelling is an exciting part of the job, and it's so amazing to visit designers in their natural work spaces and see behind the scenes footage of these beautiful accessories being made. As for breaking in to the industry, I come from a woven textiles and business background, therefore art and design has always been a true passion of mine. 

What would be your favourite thing about your job? And why?
Chiara: Discovering a new designer that would fit perfectly on Boticca. It's so exciting to discover so many individuals stories and their inspirations on a daily basis and allow them the opportunity to showcase their work to the world! 

I believe that right now fashion as a whole is embracing personal style. How would you describe your style?
Philippa: I wouldn't say I had one particular style as it completely depends on my mood in the morning. I love eye catching, shoe stopping pieces but I'm also drawn to delicate and intricate hidden detailing. My guilty pleasure is textiles, so I am always fascinated by designers who experiment with a mix of materials and techniques.

Does your personal style reflect on how you find new designers? Or are there other factors you look at when "hunting" for a new designer?
Chiara: Personal style will always affect people's opinions, however, we always try and focus on our customers, rather than ourselves. As a result, we aim to provide our customers with the most unique fashion accessories from all areas and styles. This allows everybody who shops on Boticca to decide and create their own unique styles from a beautiful selection of designers. We look at many factors when "hunting" for new designers; ranging from design, materials, type of accessory, and of course quality.

Being a Style Hunter who's always looking for new designers and trends what are your predictions for the next season?
Philippa: I think many interesting designers are taking inspiration from everyday life and the current world we live in. This shines through in designs demonstrating raw qualities allowing us to truly appreciate the beauty of irregularities and imperfections. 

Thank you for chatting with us girls! It's great to see that fashion is continuously evolving through the emergence of independent designers (throughout the world) who are being nurtured and supported through Boticca's great efforts and attention to fine detail. In the end it all comes down to creative passion which makes a piece so unique and precious. A shout out also goes to Nathalie who made this interview possible! Thank you and big kisses!!

Below is a taste of some beautiful accessory finds which you can currently find on Boticca.
Hurry before they find a home in someone else's jewellery box or wardrobe.

tiny rabbit gold ring by british born designer Emilie Thomas
cable knit collar by british based Hortensia Handmade
tajos brown suede leather bag by Sabrina Tach
"amity" trilby hat by Bundle MacLaren Milinery
feather ear cuff by estonian designer Anni Jurgenson

Visit Boticca to view more of the collection from hobo bags to cocktail rings. The selection is endless. 
Happy browsing. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Ellyn! Love the post! It turned out beautifully. On behalf of Chiara and Philippa and the rest of the Boticca team thank you very much for such a great feature! xoxo



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