April 12, 2012

What's The Time Mr Wolf

Can't Decide
I'm currently craving these two watches: left is Marc by Marc Jacobs; right is Michael Kors
They are both different but very much the same. One has a much more feminine modern appeal; while the other has a classic masculine grandeur. Both have large faces, gold, a clean aesthetic, and similar price points. Decisions Decisions; very difficult when you're indecisive such as myself. Let's put it to a vote. Which one's your favourite out of the two?

L: Marc by Marc Jacobs
R: Michael Kors

PS: It's my birthday in two days!! I'm so excited I'm jittery. I'll be posting regular pics on the day via instagram for those curious cats {how addictive is instagram. I love it} 


  1. I vote for the Marc by Marc Jacobs one! I absolutely love it ;)
    Have an amazing birthday! xx



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