October 18, 2013

Spotlight On Friends...Campbell Sings

Meet Campbell... a guy who's not afraid to follow his dreams, wherever it may take him. 

Singer, songwriter, DJ, producer - yet he's only 22! Campbell is crazy talented. I was lucky enough to meet Campbell through mutual friends a few months ago here in London. Downright nice guy; funny as hell. Like ha ha funny. Anyways I was impressed by his raw talent and determination to simply make music and share it with the world. He came all the way from New Zealand to take a chance on what he loves. He's got balls. His music is pure. You loose yourself in the lyrics, in the beat. There's an equal balance of ups, downs {if that makes sense at all}. You just want to get lost in the moment and embrace every emotion that comes from it. {Can you tell I'm a massive fan haha He's gonna cringe when he reads this, he's that humble}

Here's his official music video for his single Nine (released October 12). Watch. Listen. Share it! 

Ahhh so stoked for you Campbell!

You can download his music through soundcloud or visit his website.

Video Source: Campbell Sings Youtube Channel

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