October 30, 2011

Anne Geddes Baby

My mother called me up today to ask if I had watched the new Anne Geddes TV show yesterday. The timing of her call would have been more appropriate yesterday seeing as I was home. She usually does but it must have slipped her mind. Thankfully we live in such a digital world that I was able to find some footage of the show.

Now I love the relationship I have with my mother – she’ll always put her two cents in, but she also remembers details and interests in my life that when she stumbles across something she’ll make sure that I’m fully aware of it; the beauty of a simple telephone call. And that’s the subject of today’s post – Anne Geddes. Remembering way back from my childhood (that I have since forgotten) was my love for Anne Geddes’ work; in particularly her 1996 calendar “Down in the Garden” which was also a coffee table book. My mother had purchased that calendar for me while she was in the newsagency to buy the day’s newspaper. I might have begged and pleaded that she buy it for me (I was 10) and thankfully she did thinking that I would hang it up in my room (with my My Little Pony bedspread). But alas I took hand of some scissors and cut it all up so that I could cover my school books with them. Recalling that childhood memory suddenly dawned on me that my interest and appreciation in beautiful photography (and art in general) had spanned for much longer than I had originally thought.

Can you remember the moment in your life that first inspired you?

Waterlily, 1996 (DOWN IN THE GARDEN) via
My other personal favourites:
Julia Snail, 1994 (DOWN IN THE GARDEN) via
Jack Holding Maneesha, 1993 (UNTIL NOW) via
Jack & the Triplets, 1999 (PURE) via

Anne Geddes' Recent projects:
  • Merino Wool Campaign with The Woolmark Company
  • Launch of her Australian Magazine "my Pregnancy: A Woman's Story". The magazine can also be viewed in digital form. Interviews of some of the women featured have also been documented as a TV series aired on Channel 7TWO on Saturday 4:30PM (AEST)
  • Launch of her new coffee-table book "Beginnings" (also available in digital form via Kindle and iBooks). A 56 minute documentary to coincide with this project was produced and can be downloaded from iTunes. Definitely worth watching!

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