October 26, 2011

Pretty Phalanges

What better way to express yourself than to paint your nails! 
I recently bought (well it was free using my David Jones AMEX rewards card) a bottle of OPI nail polish in a reddish-coral colour. It's really hard to explain as I noticed it changes a few shades depending on the light (how subtle). Now you really can't buy much out of a $20 gift card so I've decided to use those freebies to start investing in nail polish! A 15ml bottle only costs $19.95. Sounds logical no?!

I'm loving the brights at the moment. Well it is Spring after all! Which colour will you be wearing?
This is the colour I bought over the weekend. You like?
In the not so distant future these too will be mine!!
you like?
Follow day dream believer...

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