February 17, 2012

Industrial Chic

Dream Rooms

I bought my 2 bedroom apartment two years ago and I find myself being more drawn to interior style rather than wearable style. This might be because my wardrobe is overflowing and all I can do now is decorate my home. After all your home is also a reflection of your personal style. So these days I find myself in homeware stores going gaga over furniture, nic nacs, and paint colour! I even find myself on a Friday night with a glass of wine watching renovation shows! 

Since I've bought my place I've redone my kitchen and courtyard (I promise I'll post some pictures up soon). Next on the DIY project is the upstairs bathrooms. But I simply can't decide how to style it. Flavour of the month is Industrial Chic - which I think I might start restyling the rest of the apartment as well. How cute are these  as great inspirational start points. 

image source: Desire To Inspire

image source: Design Shuffle

I have two arm chairs similar to this in a creamy white
image source: Desire To Inspire

image source: Ideal Home Magazine UK

image source: Studio Ten 25

Hmm I think I'm also a huge fan of teal! That settles it, the bathrooms will be white, grey and teal!

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  1. great inspiration!




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