September 7, 2012

The British Museum

Being a newbie in London I am still in tourist mode. Everything around me excites me. The people, the accent, the buildings, the shopping, the music, the history. I arrived just in time for the Olympics so british pride was certainly everywhere. It's quite contagious actually; but I've always been a sucker for all things brit. I've been really lucky to have my friend Jane be my free tour guide, guiding me through the city, exploring my new home for the next two years. Essentially getting a glimpse of what makes London tick. I think the British Museum is a wonderful start at least; full of wonder, history, awe and mystery. I'm not just talking about the artifacts housed in the museum, the building itself is impressive.

Photographer: Me
Location: The British Museum, London UK


  1. It's true, the British Museum is certainly impressive! :)
    You're so lucky to be living there for two years! Are you studying there?
    Your outfit is beautiful, you look great :)


    1. Hi Lau. Thanks for the lovely comments. xx
      I'm here on a working visa & currently looking for work, though it's a bit hard when I'm travelling constantly hehe.



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