June 9, 2013

Photo Diary: York

Oh my goodness...have I been slack in posting. I have a valid reason...these past few months have been socially busy...exploring London, the UK, the world. Which have all been most beneficial for my two loves - travel & photography. Talk about full calendar. I think I've only had one weekend in three months where I was able to sit down, drink tea, sort & edit my photos. 

Here's the first of many photographic updates; my spontaneous weekend trip to York. York is one of the last remaining walled cities the UK. Romans walked on these lands and built fortresses to make any enemy quiver in their boots. Despite it's military and political history York does have its beauties, magnificent cathedrals! Not to mention the scrumptious Yorkshire puddings are to die for for those food lovers. 

Enjoy lovelies. xx

York Castle - Clifford's Tower
inside York Minster

street music - if you know who these guys are let me know. they were impressive!

Byland Abbey Ruins

National Railway Museum

i spy Platform 9 3/4 (for those Harry Potter fans)

Photography: EllynSheyr
Location: York UK

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