November 7, 2013

Launch...Isabel Marant for H&M

Yet another impressive fashion collaboration from the house of H&M. This time round they've lured french designer Isabel Marant. Click here for the full collection {which will be available to the masses on November 14, 2013}. 

It's a venture pieced together brilliantly; staying true to the spirit and flare of both heavy weights: french chic mixed with swedish minimalism and practicality. A classic combination that never seems to bore consumer markets and fashionistas alike. A collection that will endure the test of time against the ever changing fashion trends, and OMG there are so many out there right now I can't keep up. 

Don't get me wrong there are a few out-there pieces in the form of fringe-tassle features, foil-look textures, aztec inspired prints to appeal to any daring individual. But I for one, as of late, has had to face the reality that rebuilding her wardrobe with the certainty of moving once again to live out my wanderlust lifestyle has had to limit herself to behaving in a manner of shopping smarter and wiser (in style and dollar value). Isabel Marant's H&M collection ticks all the boxes: truly versatile piece(s) to invest in. Yes they are investment pieces in my eyes. I am succumbing myself to a trend: the priceless trend; the basic trend.

image source: H&M Isabel Marant

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