November 14, 2013

The Monument

I realised I hadn't done a post on this spontaneous tourist activity... The Monument. It was built to commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1666. It stands 61m (202 feet) and has a total of 311 steps. Don't let the steps deter you from going up as the 360 degree view of London is well worth it. You can see all of the other city icons quite easily: St Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge, The Shard, The Gherkin, & London Bridge (just to name a view). By tube you just hope off at The Monument station, too easy. And entrance is a bargain at 3 quid.

My friend Ellena and I (yes the Elle's) decided to climb this tower after work one day as it was a hop and a skip away from both of our offices. That is the wonder of living in London, there are so many historical sights to see that is quite easy to get to. No effort needed. Just the decision to lock it in is the most difficult part. Though I do admit I'm beginning to feel more like a local rather than a tourist, which I find myself favouring weekend social outings over sightseeing. But then again trying new restaurants/cafes/bars like a local is a tourist activity isn't it? Heck it's a win win situation. 

*Ellena has now moved back to London since posting this. Miss you girl! 

Photographer: EllynSheyr
Location: The Monument, London UK

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