June 6, 2011

The Day Bag

A wise woman once told me "honey, always travel with style!" 

That wise woman was my dear mother; who over the weekend insisted she visit me before I depart on my first solo mission overseas to give me motherly advice on the do's and dont's. My first thoughts of course were the usual suspects 1) don't talk to strangers (even if they ticked all the boxes of a possible summer holiday romance); 2) don't wander alone in dark or deserted allies; and 3) keep your belongings secure and on you at all times (blah blah blah). To my surprise her only concern was my chosen travel bag: "You must buy yourself a grown up bag. This little thing just won't do!" She was referring to my across the body leather satchel that struggled to fit my Prada wallet, iPhone, and keys. I happened to find this precious gem buried away in her closet during a monthly visit to the family home. I loved my little satchel. It was my new favourite thing. Genuine leather, perfect size, adjustable straps - it even had sentimental value: 1) it was my mother's; and 2) it even had her pin number (from the 80s) scribbled in permanent marker inside. PS: great security system there mum. But according to mother it simply was inadequate! 

Mum was on a mission. By 10am Sunday morning we were off to Chermside! Of course I drove because after 17 years of chauffeuring me around she now firmly believes she has the right to be driven around for the next 17 years (at least). Many shops later; many um's and I don't knows; plus my refusal to spend money on a bag I simply did not require, we ended up at Kikki K. I had an ulterior motive for going into this store as I wanted to ask the shop attendant where they bought their white trestle desks (I've been obsessing over it for months). While discussing the matter with the sales attendant I suddenly hear my mother summon me to the corner. She had spotted the Stockholm CollectionI had doubts at first but my mum finally sold the idea to me (better than the sales attendant): 100% genuine Italian Leather but Swedish design, detachable iPad case, laptop compartment, detachable across the body shoulder strap, and organised compartments for phones, pens, travel documents etc. Not to mention that for the size and quality of the leather it was a bargain! A key factor especially when you're about to trek to the other side of the world alone with your well planned budget! I took out my wallet and proceeded to the cash register. Mum had a sale and I was a sucker to motherly advice!

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