June 8, 2011

Taking Action

I could no longer delay the inevitable! The dreaded task of packing. 

Being naturally indecisive I simply could not decide where to start! I soon found myself procrastinating: doing a load of washing, discussing engagement party details with my newly engaged house mate, getting dinner, and watching MasterChef and Glee. I don't even like those shows! Yet there I was sitting on my couch amazed at the level of talent these adult kids actually had.  My TV bubble burst when my house mate kindly reminded me that I was going to be on a plane in just over 24 hours and more importantly reminded me that I still hadn't finished packing! So off I went upstairs, the new show The Defenders would have to wait. Finally after several hours of strategically deciding what to wear, what to bring, and how many combination of "outfits" I could get with my limited selection I was done! To my surprise I was more decisive than I had originally thought. Snaps for Elle!! 

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