August 21, 2011

Trinkets & Treasures

My house mate and I recently conquered the daunting task of swapping rooms. 
His fiancée (one of my BFFs in the world) moved out of our humble abode to travel to Singapore to pursue her PHD in one of the top schools (INSEAD). Not only did I have to overcome her quirky essence being absent from our home but I had to also sort through my "mountain of stuff"; both trinkets from my travels and treasures I have found over the years (clothing of course). Devising the best strategy to move them from one place to another. Positive thing was that I was able to relocate them to a wardrobe twice the size. Upgrade!
With help from iTunes we were done in one day!

always best to ensure your wardrobe looks like the inside of a store

hello ensuite! on the right is my selection of perfumes from Nice, France.
fresh roses by the bed always puts a smile on my face

my trinkets from all over the world

These photos were taken on my beloved iPhone 4 (edited using instagram)


  1. Wow these are awesome pics! Would love a personal tour soon (and maybe some pointers for my own redecorating foray) xx



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