June 6, 2012

One Year of Daydreaming

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY DREAM BELIEVERS. My blog turns one today! This time last year I was eagerly and stressfully getting myself packed for my first trip to Europe {my first solo trip ever}. What better reason to finally create something I'd been dreaming to do for a long time - a personal online diary to post the photographs I planned to take during my epic euro trip; a much easier version than a scrapbook style diary in a notebook. It would be my platform to express and share the things I hold dear: style, travel and photography. 

Now as twelve months have passed, I am again running around getting things organised for another epic euro trip. Though this time round I have surprised and shocked all the people around me by making the exciting {yet equally scary} decision to move to the UK. When July 22nd comes around I will be getting on a big jet plane and saying goodbye to my home of eight years {Brisbane} and all those familiar faces and places. So, here's to the next 12 months in which you'll be seeing more and more of my travels to exotic places; hopefully inspiring you, my beautiful readers, to step outside of your comfort zone and start living the life you want to lead. 

Below is a picture of the girl who started it all - Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage {whom I'd love to meet one day}. Her beautiful shot photographs and exciting adventures inspired me to finally do the things I've always wanted to do but too scared to actually do it. Thank you Nicole xx
image sources: here & here

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  1. You and me both are packing up for big Europe adventures. Mine just involves me coming back after a short time....



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